Lazy K 8 PD 12.20.15


  Buckle Winners
 Stacey Stewart & Josh Roberts
Buckles Sponsored by
Nuttelman Panels & Fencing and McIntyre Quarter Horses
Kalib Lilienthal & Seth Adam presenting the Buckles
  The #8 Pick/Draw
at the

 Lazy K Arena

Oh What Fun It Is!

 Amos Lange & Dave Laursen
Fast Time 1st Round
Headstalls Sponsored by
Mike Lilienthal
Made by Seth Adam
   Bob Goodwin---Oldest Roper
Bryce Teut---Youngest Roper
$50 Cash Prize  Sponsored by
Mike Lilienthal
Presented by Seth Adam
   Thank you
Mike & Kalib Lilienthal
Seth & Jenna Adam
ALL the Chute Crew

For a GREAT Roping

 Kurt Wemhoff
Trivia Winner
Who's Slogan is "Who Can, Roy Can"
"Roy's Dodge"
$25 Cash Prize   Sponsored by
Mike Lilienthal
Brent Miller
Trivia Winner
Who says.....................
"Don't cry, I'll be back again someday"
"Frosty The Snowman"
$25 Cash Prize   Sponsored by
Mike Lilienthal
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